Worked with The Serial Worker?

With more than 70 jobs I have worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of people. Are you one of them? Please share in this comment section and I will post all the responses as a proper page. Who knows, maybe you’ll connect with some co-workers from way back when . . . then again, I guess maybe that’s what Facebook is for.


4 thoughts on “Worked with The Serial Worker?

  1. Sandy, aka “The Serial Worker”, was once my supervisor at her job as a Retail Bakery Manager in Boston, MA – though technically, we were in Cambridge. I had left my prior job as a bookstore cashier, and still very much countrified in a big city, and was literally wandering the streets looking for employment. I recall asking for an application boldly at the counter and requesting a somewhat decent wage, far beyond what was proper to request in those days. Sandy hired me on the spot and every morning at 5-something am we opened together for many months, rocking out to Robert Randolph and Nick Cave and musing on the first customers – junkies from the methadone clinic next door ordering cokes and chocolate orgasms at 7am and the electrical contractors from South Boston vaguely courting us with their bad jokes and charming accents. Or the bakers made up of furloughed convicts…We just wrote on cakes.

    I would describe working with Sandy as sisterly, amusing, charming, unpretentious, non-threatening, and supportive – as well as the unwavering support for the possibility that this was just a job in the pathway of many more jobs and not to be taken too seriously, though treated perfectly responsibly.

    Great website!

  2. As someone who has known Sandy, aka “The Serial Worker” for 20 years, I’ve filed away many golden nuggets from most of the 69 jobs she has held. If she hadn’t written a memoir, I was planning on using the tales somewhere along the line in my own writing, honestly- they are too tasty not to share. But I can tell you- when you have the whole story, you would agree that she is the furthest thing from the ‘average joe’ punching in and out. Another comment I really want to make is that this is an Iowa girl, with an Iowa Work Ethic. Every single one on the list got their money’s worth. Sorry to brag on ya Sandy, but your mom’s not here to anymore, and damn it- if only you weren’t born in Germany. You COULD be President, job #…. ?

  3. I met and worked with Sandy during the “(back to)Iowa City, IA)” era. We worked for Mondanaro empire at “The Bread Garden”, the culinary equivalent of a sweat shop. I ran the kitchen and used to cover for the head baker on his days off, and i think Sandy started doing that after i stopped (51). That was a long time ago, and since we were young and living in a college town, my memory is a little hazy. However, I have no problem recalling Sandy! Far from average, she tackled a job that left me drained at the end of the day, and if memory serves, she excelled. She had long, wild brown hair which would be dusted with flour after a morning of baking.
    I enjoyed being around Sandy at work and at play. In either situation, she is intelligent, charming, funny, honest, beautiful, loyal and honest. If all co-workers were cut from the same cloth, we’d all look forward to going to work!

  4. Technically I did not work with Sandy. I worked at McD’s in Estherville, when Lisa and Sandy were working at McD’s in Okoboji. I will never forget the “fryer” incident! I didn’t think your hand would ever look human again!

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