What Was Your WORST Job EVER?

We’ve all had one: The worst job ever! Did you work the canneries in Alaska? Scrub toilets in Podunk? Sling hash in the college cafeteria?

Please use this page’s comments section to tell us about your worst job ever. It’s likely someone has had it much, much worse . . .


1 thought on “What Was Your WORST Job EVER?

  1. Work

    Driving a long stretch of black road,
    then east down gravel, dust swirling
    behind my ‘59 Chevy Impala which sat
    six weeks in the garage of the man
    who taught automotive mechanics
    at the teachers’ college after it broke down
    less than a mile from where I bought it.
    Heading for a job of day-labor,
    summer of ‘67, on the corn, beef
    and hog farm belonging to Clifford’s
    father, grandson of a Swedish farmer
    who came to the Midwest looking
    for a cold winter climate and discovered
    the sauna of Iowa summers.
    Wires punctuated with black birds,
    each farmhouse, silo, windmill and barn
    set back from the road in the isolation
    of a country whose prairies and woods
    were plowed into endless straightened fields
    of mantis-green crops. Clifford leading me
    across the yard and the wide parking area
    of cars, pick-ups, tractors and feeders
    to a bull pen a foot thick with dung,
    handing me a pitchfork and a shovel
    and smiling, see you around four o’clock,
    before he walks past the barn and climbs
    into the air-conditioned cab of a combine.
    Standing in black wading boots borrowed
    from the mud room off the front porch.
    Bending and straightening over a crumpled
    rectangle of sunlight cast from an open doorway
    onto a dark floor of hay and excrement.
    A windowless room, heat and ammonia
    closing in under July’s heavy cellophane,
    lunges toward me, even now, thirty years
    on the other side of a glacier-flattened acreage
    a half a mile from a twisting muddy river where
    I scraped a ton of shit from a concrete floor.

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